Crowdfunded 3D printer shipments withheld to backers who complained about lateness




Register complaints with a smartphone stand (


I had never heard of Cobblebot prior to reading this story. Now I have a definite opinion about Cobblebot.




Good to know what company & what person I will never do business with. Kickstarter should ban them both.


Which is worse, being charged with “Rascality” in TX or “Hooliganism” in Russia?


Vagabondry under English law?


It sounds as if the owner wants this to be his last Kickstarter, and indeed his last business venture. The internet has a long memory.



Well kickstarter should have a new policy now, respect and do not abuse your backers or you will get banned from participating in any future kickstarters.


Goddammit Cobblepot


This is why I never back anything on Kickstarter no matter how awesome it looks (though the Tiko printer still looks amaaaaziiing). You just never know when the project is gunna completely shit the bed.


You still have better chance to meet a not-asshole than when dealing with e.g. Sony.


IANAL, but I live in Texas. I don’t think their argument would standup in a Texas civil court, or Federal court.


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