Enter for a chance to win the Coolest Cooler ever made

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If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product.


It’s disappointing to see you help promote a kickstarted product where thousands of people still haven’t received their product after 2 years.


That thing looks hideous.


Not to get all preachy, but that bit of context seems like the sort of thing that might be worth a mention.


Enter now and get yours before the schmucks that backed it on Kickstarter!


Thanks for that. I grew suspicious when there wasn’t a pic of this “cool” thing…

I’ll settle for the “real cool cooler” mentioned at 0:09.

(30 years ago? I must be getting old.)

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@brzap and I understand if that ad left you confused.

Those kids were dancing, and that place was a library. The big scary wooden thing was a card catalog.


Well you gave them your money and they spent it. Now they need more. Are they getting more money by shipping you your Kickstarter premium?

I knew you would understand.

I am one of the people that backed it and have yet to receive my unit. I am also one of the people that is utterly confused when people confuse “backer reward” with “final product”. If we had been promised a “beta unit” or “early unit” or something similar - then it would seem to make sense to be upset over not getting one before they go on sale/promo giveaway.

But since I was Kickstarting an idea, the idea has come to fruition, and the reason for delay in backer rewards is due to a supplier factory shutting down over a worker strike - something that Coolest has 0 control over - what is the reason for sour grapes?

Kickstarter is not a store.

Side-note: I feel like Kickstarter should provide a rotating summary of 3 random delayed/cancelled, record-breaking Kickstarter projects on the pledge screen, and maybe a link to the FAQ, so people get a clue about how the whole crowd-funding/backer-reward thing works.

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Not even the chinese want to make this thing.

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