Kickstarting Coolest: a 21st century picnic cooler


SkyMall here we come!!


Needs a sous-vide controller! “Ghetto” cooler no more.


No digital photo frame? How am I supposed to enjoy the cooler if I can’t watch my photos star-wiping away in glorious 64dpi?


Damn fine, but it needs wheels.

Sorry watched the video and there they were. Either that or the fastest supplier feedback ever!!


They show a close up on the Kickstarter – perhaps they are on the backside.

Edit: nevermind @joeair61 self-corrected :smile:

I want to hate it so bad, but it really might be a nice piece for the right person and right situation. I guess my initial revolt was because I like coolers just the way they are, mostly.

Me personally, I need strong clasps and hinges for canoeing, canoe tipping rather. I’m sure the common bare minimum clasps aren’t a problem for most people and most situations because it would be pennies per model to use better hardware if there was demand.
And really, why more coolers don’t have a built in bottle opener is silly.

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Why pay for it, he shows you how to make it.

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Those features do look cool (the coolest!!! :O), but they probably add significant weight to the cooler.

I wonder if it will be too unwieldy with all the extras.

Also 185 seems a bit steep, unless the extras are really robust. Speakers and a blender motor are parts that can break, so hopefully the Coolest is well made.

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“Wait! Stop! The Coolest is a floor wax and a desert topping!”


And to some extant that’s the problem with combination items…If you bought a cooler and a blender and blue-tooth speakers, if any of them broke, you wouldn’t have the choice of replacing all of them or lugging around the broken bits.


Yeah, but this one goes up to 11!

Sorry, but despite the dude’s professed manufacturing and supply-chain credentials, I smell vaporware. Or, at the very least, a legion of disappointed pre-purchasers when their shoddy K-Mart-quality cooler shows up (just in time for Summer 2016!).

Why’s that?

In addition to the stated “I like coolers because they’re coolers” concept, I think that comes from it potentially just screams the name Douche McBaggerson (sorry to the friend I stole that from) to everyone who sees it. I’m with vonbobo’s note that it could be great for the right person, and aside from not needing the blender I think it has some pretty cool stuff going on.

It’s the mashing of gear and electronics that puts me off right away, a design without the electronics would be more appealing to me. My coolers are on the ground, in the mud, crawling with bugs and forest critters. Alternatively, my electronics are carefully researched to ensure they meet my needs before purchasing, then I take care of them and pack them away when not in use.

But the longer I looked at the coolest… I did find some of the ideas are thoughtful and well implemented (quality concerns aside): the wide wheels, the integrated bottle opener, cutting board, and bungee channel are all nice touches, so it just comes down to me not really being the target market. If it is going to the beach or a picnic for a couple of hours to serve 2 to 3 people, it could be decent.

Also, those small BT speakers are OK for bedside or personal listening, but I doubt this model is going to be powerful enough to entertain even a small group in an outdoor setting.

Also this:
“Hey did you charge the cooler?”
“No, I thought you charged the cooler?”


Think big man…Think big.
Quadracopter with GSP.


“It’s the quad that made the beer run in less than 12 parsecs!”


This. SO this.