Set the mood with this designer combination lamp, Bluetooth speaker, and wine cooler

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Also doubles as a barf bucket for when the seas get choppy while you’re boozing.


That is really awesome.
I’m still looking for a designer combination blender, toenail clipper, skin moisturizer and flotation device though.
Then I’ll be all set.

Also, does this come in tactical matte black?


an LED lamp with warm yellow illumination, a 10-watt wireless speaker with 180-foot Bluetooth range, and a wine cooler and/or plant stand

If its multi-functionality hasn’t got a tool for getting old ladies out of horses’ hooves or a device for enabling boy scouts to help stones cross the road, I’m not interested.


I dunno, guys… I was just thinking “I wish I had a combination designer lamp, bluetooth speaker, and wine cooler.” This must be one of those algorithmically generated products made by a telepathic AI.


Im holding out for an integrated blender for my margaritas. Though now that you mention it, a toenail clipper/alarm clock combo would be good!

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