That cooler just raised $12 million


The cooler that @doctorow posted has raised over $12 million, making it the highest funded project ever on kickstarter.

I’m actually amazed. From my snark in my first post, I really had no idea that tens of thousands of people would be willing to pay nearly $200 for a cooler.


I’m not willing to pay more than $20, unless it’s a vintage Coleman.


for a fucking cooler that has a blender on it? this confirms my misanthropy. I’m totally cool with never being around people again.


I too as well have a green, vintage Coleman. It was my grandfather’s, and has been lovingly used :slight_smile:


Well, you’re not alone in your misanthropy. I am happy to not be with you while we both avoid people.


Screw you guys! I’ll be fishing my monocle out of my daiquiri.



How about $649? (early bird special) And it doesn’t even have a blender…
Kreweser :: The Motorized Cooler by Kreweser — Kickstarter


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