On Kickstartered potato salad


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Well the link went to “our sponsors” and I couldn’t get past to the article. So that sucks. But it seems like every year somebody finds some outrageous way to solicit donations on line. Remember the woman who asked for donations because she ran up her credit cards? And then the 100 imitators, who probably brought in a lot less? That. Also, selling souls on ebay. It’s the 21st century Pet Rocks.

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I love this guy. I hope he has an amazing potato salad party.

Also note: he’s having to deal with and delete lots of fake backers with $10k+ pledges. So he’s really only at $27,536 give or take. Still a whole heck of a lot of potato salad.

I’m really enjoying the crazy amount of hate this is causing. Just cuz they didn’t think of it first… tsk tsk.


When I make potato salad I like a ratio of about 2/3 ever so slightly undercooked potatos to about 1/3 almost falling apart. It makes it so the potato is coated by potato, buy still has a little bit of structure.

I have also been experimenting with pickled hard boiled eggs, which seem to have a bit more density or chew that fresh hard boiled.

reads kick starter

Wait, this guy is serious, right? right?


First world… eh… problems?

I need to start a Kickstarter program for one year of monitoring the Internet for new content.


The best part of this will be if he follows through with the joke and keeps pushing back the potato salad due to various delays.


If that does happen, hopefully some of the backers still have some irony money left for his pepto bismol kickstarter…

Yup. The kickstarter is amusing. The amount of money collected is more amusing. But the most amusing, and that means quite something in the competition of the earlier ones, are the haters. Some people are so comical, even more so when unintentionally.

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And as we’ve seen before, if the hatred gets loud enough, the backlash will only bring in more money!

Also, that’s a darn nice GIF.

i love everything about this. what would kick it into the stratosphere for me, though, would be if he got the money, kept the original asked-for $10, and then gave the rest to some awesome charity or another.


Does anybody have a friend who likes right-wing blogs, like Free Republic? (Don’t worry, I swear I won’t out you.)

Bring this to that guy’s attention. Because man would they love to hate this guy! He would be proof of everything that’s wrong with Obama and contraception and Hillary’s fault too. They would streisand him off the charts!

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Using the excess to make nice fresh potato salads for local soup kitchens, summer lunch programs for kids, and the like would be a really nice way to turn this into something good.


I think all of this is just further proof that I don’t really understand humor. Or the internet. Or people.

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Well, I mean, I don’t think you can deny that it’s spectacularly, grandly stupid. That’s more funny than hateful to me, in a laughing-at-you-not-with-you sort of way.

It doesn’t start to genuinely bother me until you get people who are proud of being stupid. I would hope it’s clear why that’s troublesome, as a matter of principle.

I just hope he remembers to throw in a little celery seed. Mmm, mmm, good.


I don’t see how potato salad = stupidity.

Its just a fun thing, and obviously many people also feel the same. Laugh at them instead of with them if you want, but I don’t see why, its just potato salad.

Who could hate potato salad? It makes no sense! :slight_smile:

well, i’ll admit there are much better uses for potatoes… but i still think this is awesome.

POTATO CANNON! Mwahahahahahah!

This must hold the record for most overfunded kickstarter ever. It is hilarious, but those guys will get to take half a year off to come up with more great ideas.