Potato salad attack on mom lands Florida man in jail


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Reminds me of the hilarious Dom Irrera line: “I thought salmonella was some guy who ran around sticking his butt in potato salad.”


Kid’s not dead? Got lucky or those cops had a good day apparently.

btw dunno what the picture shows but it’s not potato salad. If you insist that it’s a picture of normal US potato salad you have my condolences.


This is what happens when we over-fund gag kickstarters, people.


Looks like German potato salad with bacon. Mmmmm!


pelting his mother with grub

I thought it said petting, I was about to ask if a single utterance could be considered for a Pulitzer Prize.


German potato salad is made with vinegar, not mayonnaise.


WTF, don’t they grow grapefruit in Florida?


Well you sort of whip the cider vinegar and bacon fat into a mayonnaise-esque dressing. It is very healthy.


Avoid this family on Thanksgiving


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