Man promises to eat potatoes only for 2016


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And potatoes.


“and even experimented with odd dishes like potato pancakes”

Odd? For some reason, I suspect that he may not be Jewish.


Worked for Mark Watney in The Martian. (Though I think there was a little CGI help at the end as an emaciated Matt Damon dons his suit for the last time before leaving the planet.)


I wouldn’t exactly call them latkes, though…


Wait… that’s not even a potato pancake.

  • Either, the author of the article was lazy, or…
  • He is making traditional pancakes with potatoes in them


I liked the detail in the book that he also had beans he could have grown, decided that variety in his situation was a damned sight less important than efficiency, and didn’t bother to grow them.


Maybe he’s using potato flour instead of shredded potatoes?


You think that was CGI?
I thought it was a body double, like in Captain America.


Just potato flour and water? Possible, but it would be quite impressive.


Then why is there a bottle of oil sitting right next to the pancake on the stove?


I’m not positive about that scene in The Martian since Watney’s bony butt was shown from the rear, but Captain America actually did use CGI for Chris Evans. (They’d originally planned to use body doubles but scrapped the idea because the other actor couldn’t replicate his movements).


potato oil?


Holy moly! He’d better check in with a GP on that diet.


And yet…

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I remember seeing a story years ago about a guy in Russia who ate nothing but potatoes and some dairy products for years, simply because that’s all he had available. Supposedly he was remarkably healthy.


Definitely a body double. If it was CGI they wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of obscuring his face during the shot.


Yeah, definitely.

I wonder if they used Leander Deeny too, like Captain America, seems a good gig for him. :slight_smile:


Clearly a body double, which was the reason for the towel on his head.


When I was in Ireland, once, a tour guide told myself and our group that potatoes are the only vegetable that contains everything you need to survive. He said “the potato famine was so bad because that’s literally all most people ate.” I was never sure if he was just BS’ing us or if that’s true.