Individually-shrinkwrapped potatoes are why we must destroy capitalism


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its not really feasible to carry a 50lb sack of potatoes on the open road as one pursues the lifestyle of the urban techno warrior nomad


Worst part is knowing that when kids grow up they will view this as the natural state of things and refuse to eat the icky unhygienic unwrapped potatoes that their wacky older relatives insist on serving when they come to visit.


How else do we know the potatoes are clean, man?
How can we be sure?


But if we dont fill the oceans with plastic what will the robots overloards drink at tea time?


I wonder which marketing genius invented this. Now the potato needs to be peeled twice …


Which is why I always use my TaterSak - the artisanal potato portaging receptacle made from hand-dyed yarn sustainably sourced from local grass-fed free-range alpaca fur. It holds approximately 4.3 pounds of root vegetables, which is the optimal weight based on fossil evidence that suggests that our early ancestors usually carried approximately 4 pounds of yams when migrating across the Serengeti. I have the Kickstarter edition which came with a bonus NutSak that holds a small quantity of tree nuts.


I like this more than one like.


There you go - there must be a market for pre-peeled, shrinkwrapped individual vegetables.

Then I can get rid of this stupid unitasker peeler.


In America, to wrap something in plastic is to honor it.


Me too.


:blink blink:

dude i think you are more of an hipster than a shamanic techno vigilante it is a CALLING


Strange that the only place I’ve seen that is at a “green” grocery chain.


There is. Except I suggest that you look at the picture again. The whole point is that the wrapped potato is not peeled. The one at bottom right even seems to be a bit green to me - super healthy, all that solanine …

Or the American potatoes are very different from the European ones for some reason and this is normal look for peeled potatoes in the States.


No, I saw that. I was just surprised that companies apparently aren’t already selling pre-peeled ones.



To prevent damage when shipping the potatoes are also packed with plenty of these.


They are, actually even pre-cooked in vapor already:

“Pommes de terre” (“earth/ground apples”) is French for potatoes. This sorta makes sense, I am buying them here and there when wanting to save time peeling and cooking them.


I like my potatoes like this:


gnocchi FTW


These are even pre cooked. Leave you enough time to be busy saving the environment. And have a quick dinner to.