Ketchup slices: shaped like cheese singles but look like fruit leather

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Well, technically, it is a fruit leather, no…?


Kind of like when you spill some ketchup, or catsup, and then forget to clean it up for a week or two, and then you come back and find it’s all dried out? But without the ants? There’s no ants, are there?


Wow! Deja vu. I know I’ve seen this decades ago and it bombed.


So, you want me to get your company off the ground and in return I get a total of eight servings of ketchup at about $1.50 per serving?
You know what else is shelf-stable and fully portable? Ketchup packets. Those are free.


You can’t stomp on them and make squirt! No buy .:grin:


Seems like this news comes up every 10 years and then people eventually realize it’s not that great in practice.

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I can think of worse ideas. Maybe three. Okay, I’m exaggerating. Two. I can think of two worse ideas.


Who knows? New ways can turn into normal/accepted/traditional ways of doing things. Many years from now it may be that everyone buys ketchup dried like this (maybe for environmental reasons, requiring less fuel to transport?) and that’s just how it’s done, and when you need ketchup as a “sauce” you reconstitute some of your dried ketchup, just the amount you need in your recipe……And then……someone comes up with the innovative idea to package ketchup in a pre-liquified form—as a sauce! In a bottle! No need for messy reconstitution like your grandmother grandparents and mother parents had to do! New, modern convenience!……And that catches on……and then one day someone thinks We should have powdered ketchup……

Actually no, I don’t think so. Haven’t sauces been around pretty much forever? Because, mouthfeel. And they help the food go down. And they’re shiny.


I’m getting a real “over-chewy” vibe from this. also could someone help that guy out? I have the feeling Emily beats him…

The last thing I need is more choices in the tomato-based condiment aisle.


Sauces like ketchup are easy to make from scratch and are a pretty darn good way to preserve a bunch of tomatoes. Ketchup slices seems like a solution in search of a problem.


I’m sure analysis will reveal an acceptable amount of ant DNA in the condiment.


I’m imagining how one comes up with this idea.

“Hmm, what’s too hard for me?”

“I’ve got it, squeezing a ketchup bottle!”

“I can make that easier. Now all you’ll have to do is unwrap a little plastic package and get a slice of ketchup out without it sticking to your fingers or breaking…”


Not a fan of ketchup to begin with. I do find the concept interesting but i wouldn’t see myself buying something like this, if it was for another type of condiment… maybe? I doubt it though.

I think it makes more sense in large gatherings like backyard BBQs or for a food business. You get one slice per burger/sandwich and it’s mess free. But i’m not sure it’s solving much of a problem.

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Well then grind’em up fine, nobody will notice.

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Aren’t dried-out things generally more flavorful than the non-dried version? I’m not sure I’d consider “more concentrated ketchup flavor” to be a virtue worth pursuing.

On the other hand, slapping one of these between cheese layers in a grilled cheese sandwich would probably be an experience.

Yeah, ok. But I already put ketchup on almost nothing, as it is the devil’s condiment.

Now if this was for spicy banana sauce…

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White pants everywhere breath a sigh of relief.