Man promises to eat potatoes only for 2016


That reminds me of a joke:

A French man, a British man, and a Russian are admiring a painting of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. The French man says, “They’re naked and eating fruit in a garden. They must be French.” The British man says, Observe how politely the man is offering the woman the fruit and how they avert their eyes. They must be British." The Russian says, “They have nothing to wear, all they have to eat between them is one lousy apple,and they think this is paradise. They must be Russian!”


My son often says he wants to eat nothing but french fries, hash browns and potato chips… we never let him. Maybe we are wrong?


Well huh. I guess they used both after all.


Potatoes were the base food for farmers and workers, so more true than BS.


Yeah, this doesn’t sound very healthy - the blood-sugar hit alone seems like it would be problematic, much less the lack of balanced nutrition.


Looks like what my family calls a potato cake, which is made of leftover mashed potatoes mixed with egg and fried in butter. The mash has to have spent the night in the fridge, and there’s only enough egg to keep them from falling apart in the fry pan. It’s a breakfast food.


Do you put anything on top of it? Maybe catsup? Or apple sauce?


In an Irish history/literature class from long ago, we were told that technically you can subsist on only potatoes and milk for quite a while, but the minimum amount for health and nutrition is 18 pounds of potatoes a day, with the commensurate amount of milk to go with that.

If you could only pick one food item, potatoes are not the way to go.





So, on an individual level, indicators look good. On a population level…potato famine


Potatoes in the form of wodka? Ah, yes, that should be splendid.


Well really, is there any better choice for one food item, aside from, like, Soylent?


I fooled around with Wolfram Alpha - a diet consisting of 1 kg potatoes and 1 liter milk per day is not exactly balanced but can keep you running (hungry, not starving)


Only 2.2 pounds of potatoes? That’s quite do-able. Wait…is that approximately 18 potatoes? The “18” is quite solid in my memory, but the unit type isn’t. (F’n brains, how do they work???)


a plant-based milk

Milk is milk. Juice is juice.


Sweet potatoes could make up for the lack of vitamin A in the regular potatoes.


about 150g per tuber? with the same ratio as above this would be a still unbalanced 4000 kcal diet based on 2.7kg potatoes and 2.7L milk

Potatoes in, wonderful things out.


I put cheese on mine, and my younger sister uses ketchup, but Mom’s family just used salt. (They joke that pepper was a rare and exotic spice for dirt farmers in 1930s Virginia.)

I never heard of using apple sauce until fairly recently, when I was begging for latkes from my Jewish friends… latkes are not quite the same as potato cakes but still very delicious.


Sweet potatoes are not potatoes.