Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker now selling potato soup buckets on TV


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Sweden sends "If War Comes" booklet to all of its 4.8 million households
Boltwell B*10 Must Haves Emergency Kit
Luxurious end-of-world shelters for the super rich
Count to ten thousand!

I can’t think of buckets in a culinary context without picturing this scene:


I have never understood the appeal of plasticizing one’s face. Maybe for some extreme climes or sports it could be useful?


I think the post needs a slight correction. The guy’s selling a plastic bucket’s worth of soup. (and in the later part, 7 years worth of food for $3500).

(and not just the bucket)


I met Tammy Faye at a Flea Market grand opening in Independence, MO many years ago.

She seemed very nice.


Sorry, I think this is great.

I mean, not the product and not him, but to me the single greatest thing about the United States of America and her people is their unslakable love of a comeback. I’ve always taken “the pursuit of happiness” part of the Declaration of Independence to mean an inalienable right to get one’s shit back together and if, having done his time, can put a life back together, I say “hurrah.”


Scamming until his last breath.


The “prepper” market is huge these days. Especially among those who thirty years ago would have been watching his show on TV.


I am clearly in the wrong business. Liquid based food, used for long term preservation and planning? In a dyed hdpe bucket?

So many no’s. I really need to get into the prepper food market, I could make a killing.


Makes sense. You can’t go from Christian televangelist scam artist to celebrated gay icon unless you’ve got a helluva lot of charisma.


“You can have parties while the world’s coming apart!”

Yeah, I mean, why try to fix anything at that point? Hooray rapture!


Plus with their rapture bucket pizza, do they have enough rapture bucket Astronaut ice cream?


She did though. When I met her around 2005 or so she looked me dead in the eyes, told me Jesus loved me and I was on board with her. She was amazingly charismatic, she believed everything she said and made you want to believe it too…

I had a lot more sympathy for anyone who had ever given her money after that.


The best part is that you can easily create a series of accessories to later convert these buckets into toilets for when you don’t want to leave the Vault!

That said, I’d probably leave the potato soup where it was and just put the toilet lid on it to save me the trouble.


Ah, capitalistic redemption. He can continue to get rich by scamming people waiting for the survivalist SHTF raptur and stoking their fears. One scheme to the next…


I was surprised at how sad the news of her death made me.
Rest in peace Tammy.


Aren’t the good people supposed to be called up by the Rapture (leaving their neatly folder up clothes behind)? So… this is for the non-believers? No wonder they’ll be partying, bunch of goddamn heathens.


His current evangelism show is an apocalyptic “end-of-times” ministry. They push these food buckets/meal kits for people to bury in their yards or to store in their fallout shelters when the “hoards of the antichrist” come for the sinners and the unrighteous.


This guy should have been smart and tried to sell this on Fox News also. There’s plenty of scared old white people who would buy buckets full of soup who watch that network too.


Heathen Paaaarty!!!