Convicted felon televangelist Jim Bakker had a bad dream

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The Life-Changing Magic of The Rapture.

It’s my New Band Name. Come tell us yours.

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Isn’t this the guy who was featured earlier literally selling buckets of potato soup?


same guy, same buckets. boing boing has a random repeat interval.


It’s the high starch diet. Potatoes and pasta and cheese. Makes for a very unsettled sleep.

Mylanta will do him a lot of good. Maybe some vegetables, now and again.


That’s great… God’s gonna get yer sorry ass’s just sure as shit. And that toady little freak has every right to be afraid if he believes any of that jesus jabber he’s been babbling about for all these years. Fleecing all those polyester fools out of their good money to keep his various vices going. Jebus gonna be pissed at you jimmy boy. You shoulda got in line with kim davis and got some special high octane forgiveness.


You have to respect the guy. 75 years old, and he’s still grifting like a man half his age.


That’s Jim Bakker??? Holy shit! I was doing time in South Carolina when he was a thing, and then he wasn’t a thing and Tammy Fae was Roe Messner’s thing, and I could hold Jessica Hahn’s thing in a magazine in my hands.

Then we went for a drive on the sidewalks at Heritage USA and observed that before Messner ripped off Bakker’s honey, he ripped off his money as well. Thing was closed 4 months and falling apart.

He always looked like a duck. Now he looks like a really old angry duck.

Someone tell him George Carlin wants his hair back.


Holy Fuck / Holy Fucking Shit / Holy Mother Fucking Shit…

The End.

Guys. Guys!

I think we’re missing something important here.

Is that a food-grade trenching tool?


Something makes me suspect that the broccoli is the least cheesy aspect of this whole thing…


Bakker’s tub o’ soup contains 323 servings for $160, or just about 50 cents each. Now, don’t get me wrong–under no circumstances should you get into bed with Jim Bakker, financially or otherwise. But setting that aside, that’s not a bad price for emergency bunker soup.

Compare and contrast with the markup on other other vendors’ emergency supplies.


Boing boing is on the slippery slope of slashdot. First come the multitudes of new editors, guest editors, and special editors. Then, we get the reposts. We will wake up one day to find ourselves in a sort of repost singularity where every post is a repost. Those of us trapped in the singularity can not escape, but from a distance you can see no light escaping and others will be warned away from the site. Or something like that.

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Mock away, mockers, but that’s a pretty great beard.


Tammy was a much better beard.


Did anyone ever find out/explain why Maggie K-B stopped being an editor here? Really liked her posts…

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Shelf life is probably a factor here - if his product is using inferior preservation methods then the cost would be far lower.

I guess that if the rapture is going to be soon then a 25 year shelf life might be considered a bit redundant. Then again, if you are one of the Righteous then I’m sure the Lord will provide manna or something.


Seriously, dude - there have been guest-editors here since at least January, 2001. Some of 'em won’t even go away.


I thought I’d heard the last of this con man 20 years ago. Everything old is new again!

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She became a Nieman Fellow at Harvard. However, that appointment ended in May and she said she’d be “back to work” in September, so if we’re lucky she might at least guest-post here again.