Televangelists are con artists, and they are thriving


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I started watching TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) in the 80s. Me and my mates would record it for the purpose of sampling for our weirdo music. Some of them were far more entertaining than others. I can’t watch the clip from the UK, but in my post-Hegelian old age I’ve softened on the concept a bit. Yeah, they’re charlatans but they also provide “company” to a lot of old, lonely people. I’d prefer actual non-predatory, social means for such problems but at the end of the day we’re all free to waste our money on whatever we see fit. Besides, you ever see Benny Hinn take out a whole stage full of people with one “glory slap”?! Now THAT’S power!


Watched this last night - thanks, Directv for piping the HBO east coast feed to CA so I don’t have to stay up late…
Also, these guys are doing an amazing job with this show.
That being said, I can’t believe I’m going to say this about these TV preachers, but… I had no idea it was this bad.
This episode was particularly shocking. I knew they were all con artists, but they’ve really taken it to the next level.


Yeah, I’d never heard of this seeding scam before.


I watched the whole episode. The last bit was sooo funny. But the woman who was saying, “Fuck going to the doctor to heal your cancer, send us your money,” how on earth can she sleep at night? And the mail they received from this Tilden guy - WTF? That is the craziest pile of crap I have ever seen.




You really need to check out the documentary “Marjoe” (1972). This seems to have slipped thru the cracks somehow, but it is pretty awesome.


I say let the lot of 'em sell soup!


I’m pretty sure the rationalisation she has for her own actions is that people choose to believe her and choose to send her money, so it’s not her fault if people die because of her shitty advice.

For the record, I think televangelists are disgusting people. I’m just offering an explanation.


Robert Tilton is the star of what may be one of the very first viral videos. We’re talking Hand-to-hand VHS trades in the eighties and nineties, though this particular episode isn’t that old.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “The Farting Preacher”.


Yea, that’s pretty text book sociopath.


Here you go.


First the entire team for Last Week Tonight…starting foremost with John Oliver…really is just knocking it out of the park!

Second…Televangelists are just despicable.


If the people who send their money could afford to waste it, that would be one thing. But they’re asking for money from people who can’t afford it but buy into their “send me your money and good things/more money will happen” message.

Hmm … I wonder if their statements are actionable and can be regulated as investment advice due to their suggesting these donations are “seed.” Don’t sic the IRS on them, sic the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) on the televangelists.


What was the bit at the end that popped up about fund raising not applying in some states (PA and some others)?

(it seems to be cut off on these videos, so I can’t check)

edit: the internet tells me it’s something to do with non profit registration, and also that any money that does get donated will end up going to MSF.


Me too! It’d be funny, then sad, then I’d get angry. The power these people have over the poor and suffering is just sick. I taped a lot of the 99 era millennial rambles, what would happen to “the Jews” in the inevitable rapture to come at the end of the year, etc.


I have to admit that I am tempted ¡TEMPTED! to send some money to Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption just to see what happens.


Better than wasting it some other way.


They give false hope to people like cancer patients and cause them to die early. I’d say this rates with putting the charlatans in hell.


Yeah, those scripted “healings” should put these guys to an eternity of hell.