This wallet raised $170k on Kickstarter for good reason. Now it's in our store


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But WHO are you, anonymous copywriter?


I wrap my cards with an elastic band. It costs nothing.


Everything I need is either tattooed somewhere on my body or in an embedded chip.



If this goofy wallet-ish thing changed your life, it says more about your life than it does the wallet.

A rather obnoxious friend of mine uses a rubber cock ring to perform essentially the same function as this overpriced geegaw.

I sometimes use an asparagus rubber band (as a wallet, that is.)


Hey man whatever works for you if is fine by us…


For perspective, this (currently) puts this particular wallet as the 18th most funded wallet on Kickstarter.

And it’s offered for sale on [the creator’s website] ( for $19.99, so I don’t know how 20% off of $19.99 is $18.99 instead of $15.99.


Extra clueless points for name-dropping of one of the most infamous cases of kickstarter gone wrong as if it was a wholly positive example.


It gets worse.

Amazon recently had a sale underselling the original Kickstarter price (while many Kickstarter backers still have yet to receive their coolers).


Just make sure not to rub the magnetic strip together!



Sweet slime-envelop’d Cthulhu, that’s a lot of wallets! Most of them looking like clones of one of two basic layouts. Hard to believe they all can get so much kickstarter support.

Personally I don’t like too-skinny wallets any more than I like too-skinny phones, (or for that matter too-skinny sex partners). Here is the wallet I carry, holds as much stuff as a mini tool bag and built hell for stout.


So… If you need cash, everyone around you can see how much you’re carrying, unlike a traditional wallet, when you can just pull out the individual bills that you need. What a really terrible idea.


I guess that works. I’d be the last person to cast…



I love Sophia!


Caution against flashing a big wad of cash in the wrong environment is not paranoia, it’s common sense.


I know. I was just ribbing you. I basically agree with you :wink:


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