Crowdfunding a binaural, video-less videogame



iDon’t own the appropriate equipment, otherwise i’D be parting with some cash to support this project. Go team!

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Wasn’t there something called Chillingham along these lines already?

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Neat idea, but I think if I was hunting down zombies based on my sense of hearing alone I’d probably avoid any weapon as noisy as a shotgun. You might take the first one down OK, but your ears would still be ringing by the time the second one sneaks up on you.

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Will Ferrell should pay for it to make up for the wretchedly unfunny Anchorman 2 blind bits he performed.

There’s quite a lot of audio games, actually. lists around 500.

I don’t know. Wasn’t there? If you are saying this isn’t an origanal idea, I guess you win.

Oh no, in-app purchases–optional or not–for a game I purchase sounds suspicious. Coins and diamonds? Where else have I seen that? Along with a promotional weapon for backers only, this might be a deal breaker.

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It could very well be original. But being unfamiliar with audio games, I would have no idea how in particular a game might distinguish itself from others.

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