Crowdfunding a binaural, video-less videogame




iDon't own the appropriate equipment, otherwise i'D be parting with some cash to support this project. Go team!


Wasn't there something called Chillingham along these lines already?


Neat idea, but I think if I was hunting down zombies based on my sense of hearing alone I'd probably avoid any weapon as noisy as a shotgun. You might take the first one down OK, but your ears would still be ringing by the time the second one sneaks up on you.


Will Ferrell should pay for it to make up for the wretchedly unfunny Anchorman 2 blind bits he performed.


There's quite a lot of audio games, actually. lists around 500.


I don't know. Wasn't there? If you are saying this isn't an origanal idea, I guess you win.


Oh no, in-app purchases--optional or not--for a game I purchase sounds suspicious. Coins and diamonds? Where else have I seen that? Along with a promotional weapon for backers only, this might be a deal breaker.


It could very well be original. But being unfamiliar with audio games, I would have no idea how in particular a game might distinguish itself from others.


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