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It’s odd, the feeling of peace and comfort I get from this. These are troubled times. I will accept it and not analyze it overmuch, and perhaps dust off the N64.


I think he forgot one thing: the spooky scary stage.

But yeah, this is super nostalgic music. For some reason it makes me think of the Atlas stuff from the time.

Now if you want true “complicated puzzle” music, Lufia 2 was king of both:


If anyone’s a fan of Portal 2, the website has the entire soundtrack (released in three volumes) for the game.

I was a little shocked when they released the third and final volume. I didn’t think Valve could count that high.


LOL at Valve “3” joke. Heheheh.
Your linky’s broken though, I’m afraid.
Portal 2’s music is wonderful. My young son’s a bit National fan now, thanks to Exile, Vilify!

BTW, you do know about this I’m sure?


Try it now?


That. Was. Brilliant.


Notice what’s missing from the telephone.



Marble Madness!


Somewhat tangential perhaps, but why does nobody make audio games?


There’s plenty of music and rhythm games (Guitar Hero, Rocksmith etc.) out there, or if you mean games that don’t rely on or even have a much of a visual element, there’s a few of them out there, too.


Yes, I mean games with no visual component, based entirely upon sound. It’s great to know that they are out there. There does seem to be a popular problem of conceptualizing them, since most people ask me if I mean “video games about sound” or some such thing.

I just found that there’s a Wackipedia article about them also.


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