Crowdfunding an official, licensed Scrabble mechanical keyboard

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incomplete without a wildcard tile

It doesn’t do anything Scrabulous does it? Just a cosmetic makeover?

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It’s adorable that he thinks “a set” is $47.

Why adorable, and why the scare quotes?

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WTF ? It’s licensed by Hasbro, why do they need a crowdfunding ?
Just let them use some of this huge pile of cash.

Wondering when a license will no longer be required, I read up on the fascinating history of Scrabble. It was rejected by the major game makers until the head of Macy’s discovered it while on vacation. Over the next two years, millions of game sets were sold.

I still can’t find one of our T tiles which has been missing since 1974 and whose temporary replacement (yes, we’re still holding out hope) is easily identified as the red wood tile from a different set.

Guessing as part of the licensing agreement they HAD to say “Hasbro,” but Hasbro isn’t investing any $$ in it.

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$47 is just for the alphas. You’re going to want modifiers at the very least ($31.99), plus numpad if you have a fullsize keyboard ($17.99). Then you can really go down the rabbit hole if you have a 60% or other nonstandard layout.

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Huh, I guess that our naivete could be described as adorable then. I just use my keyboard for typing and not as a status symbol, or whatever is going on in that world.

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