Crowdfunding Blood and Snow: indie zombie movie


I like a zombie movie just as much as the next nerd, but for me to step up and crowdfund one it would have to at least come up with a few less heavily travelled tropes.

I’m not sure if there is much room left for another [isolated group/remote work team/group of scientists] [discovers/uncovers/crashes into] a [hidden mystery/plague/monster/pack of wolves/cannibals] and then [all die/mostly die/fight hard/make sacrifices] while [escaping/fighting/stopping] the [horde/zombies/dragon/monster]. Of course, the [military/corporation/government] doesn’t care about them and/or [wants to profit/utilize/weaponize] the [hidden mystery/plague/monster/pack of wolves/cannibals]. They are most likely embodied by the [dark suited sociopath/crazed colonel/heartless bureaucrat/mad scientist].

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But here’s the twist: this time, the zombies are the good guys.


It would be even better if the cancer that this mysterious substance/entity is supposed to cure fights back and eventually wipes it out and saves humanity - making cancer the good guy.

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I just want to say that when one is hunting in a winter black and white Escher landscape, the color of blood on snow has a special beauty.

And it has an M. Night Shyamalan cameo!

Why don’t we just… wait here for a little while… see what happens?

Also the zombies + snow has already been done: Dead Snow and its sequel.

Scientists at snowbound research station discover ‘something’ hidden in the wasteland which may well spell disaster for Earth? John Carpenter made The Thing thirty two years ago, and unless every copy of The Thing was destroyed, there’s no way this could improve on it. Zombies in the snow? been done, as noted, in Dead Snow 1&2. Do.Not.Want.

Producer here - we are offering a digital download as one of our perks - get the full film for $10. Click through, watch the trailer, donate and be a fan. ]1

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