Crowdfunding Lupiga, a progressive, independent voice combating rising fascism in Croatia

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Croatia already has a bad history with fascism. Croatian nationalists were some of the most sadistic Nazi collaborators during WWII

I wholeheartedly support Lupiga’s efforts.


Lets start one here at home too. We need it bad…


They also reappeared during the disintegration of Yugoslavia, with highly-organised paramilitaries, modelled on the WW2 ustashe murdering civilians in both Serb-majority areas of Croatia and in neighbouring Bosnia.


It still boggles the mind how Croatia was accepted by the EU without raising questions or setting conditions on education of history. Croatia was on the losing side in WW2, but came out of it pretty unscathed. The Ratlines worked its magic in the aftermath, and then in the late 1980s it was back business as if nothing happened. Today many streets, squares, and some monuments exist named after their WW2 leader Ante Pavelic and his fascist Ustase warmates. You could argue along similar lines about Estonia.

Good for Lupiga, but I fear he represents a minority.


Oh, trust me, if you think the US is bad… I’ve been to Croatia. Lovely country. Lovely people. Great wine[1]. Except a certain percentage of them make Richard Spencer seem like Harriet Tubman in comparison.

[1] Seriously, though. Istra makes preposterously good wine and cheeses. Try the prošek.


Yet I’m also a little worried their version of anti-fascist might not be a Hubert Humphrey liberal. It happens a lot. The enemy of my enemy and all that.

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