Update: Faces of Auschwitz website is now live

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Thanks for your work on this, Seamus. I wish its necessity wasn’t as pressing as it is but am glad it’s live at just the right moment.


Since so many of us seem to willfully have forgotten history, this is quite a necessity.


Excellent work. I hope it helps make a difference. I’m sharing it to friends and family.


It’s beyond hellish, I just couldn’t make it through it all.


Water on maps should always be blue.

Despite murdering 65,000 people they had previously identified as community leaders in the fall of 1939 (the Intelligenzaktion as undertaken by the Einsatzgruppen, using lists of community leaders drawn up years prior), the Nazis still had a bunch of Polish resistance fighters and political agitators to deal with. It’s almost as if the Polish people resented having the Germans invade their country. Who’d have thunk it?


Exactly so. There’s a tendency for people to forget that the poles didn’t want this happening in their country. They were an occupied nation. We’re working to remind people of this.

Seamus Bellamy





Sadly the current right-wing nativist government in Poland has only been encouraging that tendency.

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I think this is both relevant and important.

In 2004 I visited a similar (though much smaller) location in Cambodia- Toul Sleng. It was a school converted by the Pol Pot regime into a prison/deathcamp.

To their credit - the operators left things very much the same: torture rooms stained with blood, shackles on walls etc.

But the most brave and powerful thing they did was convert a large room into a visual studio of the victims - all captured in portrait in their terror as they were being processed for intake.

I left this place completely overwhelmed. More here: http://www.tuolsleng.com/.



Seeing this I think it would be interesting to see the faces of our current fascist politicians displayed in black and white format with the striped uniform imposed for their clothes. How about an app where the all American family can change their family pictures to appear as if they were already in the kamps? Wouldn’t it be useful to see school photos rendered as political prisoners. You know the current republicans would be good with this if the right kind of kids were put away.
I look at the faces of my grand kids so similar to the kids already in trumps kamps, unaccountably disappeared. How can anyone do this to kids? Has trump found someone to make the black and white uniforms for them yet? How much have we spent to fund the same kind of thing that the nazis felt so good about. I will engage any reasonable person in a dialog and I’m willing to hand back to the new nazis exactly the respect they show others.
An added thought. How about pictures labeled Hitler did this, Pol Pot did this with trump did this. Credit where it’s due.


Btw - if you have any interest in this topic, required reading is this:

Fuck X 2


Thank you for your work on this, Seamus. I hadn’t heard of Witold Pilecki before, that’s quite a life story.


Yes, we really should avoid repeating similar atrocities, and we should also look more attentively at current ones. I look forward, for instance, to a future BB post on a site thst compellingly asks us to pay attention to the horrors of another concentration camp: “Faces of the Gaza Strip.” That shit would also be hard to read, especially for Americans like me who help pay for it.


And when you’re done with those…

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Oh man. After visiting the Faces of Auschwitz and Tuol Sleng sites, that’s enough internet for me tonight. Also reminded me of South Africa’s Apartheid Museum, which I visited three weeks ago and where I was on the verge of tears the whole time. Especially in the room lined with nooses, which represented deaths under the regime. Humanity is so, so cruel.


Residents of the Capitol and White House should be required to visit the Holocaust Museum, just down the road.

Though the current resident of the WH would probably find it fun.

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