Auschwitz installs mist showers that (duh) remind visitors of Holocaust gas chambers


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The user experience being both practical and efficient doesn’t always make for perfection.


I’m sympathetic to the management’s response (“This is nothing like the reality!”), but man, people are talking about emotions and experiences, not logic! You need an imagineer, son - a designer of park experiences.

Maybe folks just need to be hot and miserable when they’re visiting sites of history’s horrors and that’s OK.


Someone who survived the holocaust as a young child would be quite old now. A visit to Auschwitz should not be remembered because of the heat. Rather, it should be remembered for what it once was.


Will the dancing Hitlers please wait in the wings? We are only seeing singing Hitlers.


Not mutually exclusive.


I can understand why someone would be extra-concerned about the wellbeing of any aging holocaust survivors forced to endure that heat. Maybe a carefully redesigned arrangement of misters, fans and shade would solve both concerns.


A visit to Auschwitz is not meant to be a comfortable and pleasant experience.


The management also expressed befuddlement about the poor reception for their new mascot, Zyklon the Bee.


Does anyone actually read beyond the headlines anymore?

Despite the outrage, however, the local Jewish community and Holocaust victims’ advocates indicated that they believe that the whole matter had been blown out of proportion, although they said the negative reaction was understandable.

“Temperatures reached 40 degrees C and the administration wanted to ensure the safety of their visitors,” Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich told the Post .

“In retrospect, a more sensitive construction and location could have been found. However, I am moved by the concern for the welfare of visitors shown by the administration.”

Piotr Kadlcik, the immediate past president of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, agreed.

“The Germans twisted the concept of shower – a source of cleanness and relief – into the equivalent of pure horror. We shall not follow this path,” he commented. “The unprecedented heat wave during this summer required proper measures. Its a sign of care for the visitors by museum staff.”


I… I don’t understand. This. They are misters, not fake showers that put out poison gas. Didn’t people take showers that morning before coming to Auschwitz? Maybe even toast some bread in an oven? Some of them may have even arrived by train!


Just file it under “seemed like a good idea at the time.” It’s a very very large file cabinet.


I just looked up those showers - no - they really look nothing like them. Especially since they are outside. And if that freaks her out, what about the actual ones in side the museum?

Was this just one person complaining - is it really an issue? I just saw an article on a lady who was complaining Yellowstone’s bears were trained enough as they didn’t get to see any on their visit and they should be more accessible to the tourists.


This is a good point!


Now’s a good time to rethink the new pizza ovens.


The Nazis gassed their victims. They burnt the corpses. Why is this distinction so difficult to understand?


Er - that’s my point. The ovens were part of the horror show. I don’t think anyone thinks of Auschwitz when using their oven even if they just came back from a tour there…


Fucking use that as part of the experiance. ‘You’re getting cooled off and refreshed. The original people that came to this place… Not so much.’

‘They remind me of gas chambers.’ No those are over in that building over there. this is to keep you from fucking falling over from the heat.


A sad case of ignorance and emotion defeating logic and common sense.


Not really, it’s better to create outrage to make people click links.