Crowdfunding new Commodore 64s, desktop and handheld


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A few companies have tried this and keep running in to licensing issues with the current brand holders. Even when we get told the licensing is taken care of, the final product never seems to arrive. C=Holdings BV seems to be making a decent bit of change remaining quiet during a run up and then suing as soon as the infringement begins.


I loved my C64, but come on. Let it go people. Things have come so much further so much faster it’s not worth reinventing the wheel like this.

I can’t wait until space travel is so inexpensive that we crowdfund retro Mercury capsules in the same way.


Does it come with nostalgia?


Can I just get a new, reliable PSU for my C64?


Seems like there’s a very strong emphasis on the games, which is nice and all, but what I really want is newly-manufactured C64 hardware–MOS, SID, etc., with some modern elements like quality key switches, reliable PSU. How about a 1541 that isn’t quite so finicky about needing adjustment? A built-in SD interface like SD2IEC would be nice, too.


Sorry, you’ll get an expensive, shitty silkscreened generic PC case with some ROMs and an emulator alongside an “exclusive” Commodore logo wallpaper and you’ll like it!


Same. I loved my C64. I build my first 3 businesses based around this device as a kid. I wish I still had mine, but my mom sold it at a garage sale for $2 when she needed money or something. It was a great machine, but damn…a $20 Raspberry Pi with a keyboard and an HDMI cable can run circles around what this thing did. And it can run a dozen running C64s simultaneously all the while allowing it to run whatever modern basic language is around that kids could learn from and build business that made mine look silly.

I get the nostalgia…but it really is nostalgia for old people that have moved on but think we need to bring these same limitations to kids.


I gave mine to my programmer brother-in-law, which is great since I can still track it down if I get nostalgic… oh wait, here’s an emulator, nevermind!


Their IndieGogo page indicates that The 64 (which is, like,mentioned in just about every sentence) will had an SD card. I assume that this would work like a SD2IEC.

It sounds an awful lot like the various C64 incarnations that have been out in the past, such as the C64 Direct to TV joystick that came out around a decade ago. That was in the form factor of a joystick. But its designer, Jeri Ellsworth, left solder pads on the boards so you could add a keyboard and disk drive. In fact, if you could score one of those and get one of the C64 cases from the original production molds you’d be on your way to your own replica.


I wonder if it has anything to do with Paul’s work:


Still have a full set in the basement including joystick and such. What’s your nostalgia worth? Make me an offer…


Yeah, but the emulators don’t make the same “chunka-chunka” noise as a 1541 disk drive. That’s worth at least… 50 cents or so.


I do have a C64DTV, in fact, though I think the innards are not 100% compatible with a real C64. Perhaps it is time to crack the thing open…

I didn’t know about those cases–thanks!


And like all the other joystick to TV releases, the SID emulation (which is the only reason to buy hardware) is going to be an absolute ugly, barely supported ass.


If you order NOW, you get not only TWO “The 64” consoles, a hand-signed commemorative album by the creative team, a bar of computer wax, and a floppy-disk “doubler”, but we’ll throw in a FREE bottle of Nostalgia, just for mentioning “BOINGBOINGOFFER”!



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