Cryptocurrency soap


Soap and punk do not go together.


Surefire way to get someone to pick up the soap.

I’m sure I’ve read of soap actually being used as currency historically (not the ‘Tide being used to buy TEH DRUGZ!!1!!1!!’ that googling turns up). anyone find me corroboration? @Mindysan33?

Any chance my $5 worth can be made of Winklevii fat?

Gutterpunks, maybe… I’ve known some quite fastidious punkers in my day…

I’d guess in practical terms, anything seen as a necessity of life could become currency, especially in a subsistence economy? Your local midwife shows up to birth a child or tend a hurt, some soap might be an acceptable part of the payment for services— I think that the PBS documentary called The Diary of a Midwife addresses payment in kind vs. payment in coin. though I don’t know about soap specifically. Maybe in prison type situations (prisons, concentration camps, etc).

Ye Olde america, as I recall. Can’t remember where I read it, and my desultory googling showed nothing. I was hoping you’d know…

[insert Fight Club reference here]

Not off the top of my head. In the show I was talking about, I think the woman in her role as village mid-wife takes various types of goods, but I can’t recall if she specifically took any sort of soap… yes, that was early American, right about the time of the revolution.

I’m afraid I don’t know anything specifically, though. Sorry! :wink:

Ach, weel. Nevermind. It’s probably apocryphal, and one of those ‘facts’ from purportedly edumacational children’s books, then. I’m fuckin’ sure I’ve read in a couple of places though about various things, including soap, being used in place of currency in early American history though. It’s making me cross, now.

Well, I’m not an early Americanist, so I’m not the best person to ask. I’d say given the diversity of ways that people have employed exchange-value, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it were true.

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Especially if it’s Goatse Coin.

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