Boob and sock money not welcome in the sweaty summertime, sorry


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Shouldn’t that be “boob or foot money” or “bra or sock money”? Sometimes I feel Cory is just trolling…

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If it would please Ye Elder Gods of Equality, I offer…

“Boobs or Sack Money”


Once, when I was 16 or 17 working as a cashier at Walmart, I had a lady hand me a bunch of damp ones. She says to her friend, “There goes my dance money.”


It’s legal tender isn’t it?

It is, but you could refuse to handle anything a customer tried to give you if it was really filthy, so it’s a couple of steps further than that. It wouldn’t be outrageous to not accept money that had been stored in “nature’s pocket”, so personally I think this sign is totally acceptable but perhaps too snobbish for some stores.

Customers could technically do their browsing, remove their boob/sock money discreetly before reaching the till and the cashier wouldn’t be able to say “This is boob money! I aint taking this!”.

For all debts pubic or private.


Loophole: they said nothing about taint money.


When I was a teen I worked at a local burger chain in Alabama. There was this one rather short, hefty woman that used to come in regularly. This was during the potato bar craze. She would always buy a potato, then put a salad in the lid to make a salad along with her potato. All the people from her neighborhood really disliked her because she was so cheap. But what I remember most is her sticking her hand into her bosum to fish out her dollar.

I’m sorry… The what now?


It was as thing in the 80’s for the fast food joints to have potato bars and salad bars. It was a pretty long lasting trend, not exactly sure why it all ended. See also: nacho bars.


“Boob or ankle money” doesn’t have the proper ring to it. This is one of those situations where pedantry fails. In other words, whenever there might be humor involved. Or a boob.

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I think everyone knows what a salad bar is. Potato bar… not so much.

I call fake. The apostrophe is in the right place - this sign couldn’t be real!


Like… Baked potatoes? This is not a fad that I recall participating in. It either must not have made it as far as the Toronto area, or I was an oblivious pre-teen for most of the 80’s (at least one of those facts is 100% true). A quick google yields this Ask Metafilter thread that mentions the fad of everything coming in bar form (salad bars, sandwich bars, pasta bars, etc) in the 80’s… But this is something that I have absolutely no recollection of. TIL, I suppose.

I was going to make a joke about there being no good jobs on the east coast of Canada, so even well educated people end up working at convenience stores… But that’s mean, and I’m not sure if it’s even true, so I will refrain. But in general, at least in my Ontario-based wanderings in Canada, most convenience store employees (or owners, or often it’s owner/employees) are very nice, well spoken, respectable folk.

Taint bad but taint the same.

Pecunia non olet. Besides, Canadian polymer bills are easy to wash.

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USian cotton bills are easy to wash too, at least a few times. I always want to make a dumb joke about laundering money, when I have cash go through the wash, but all I ever get in return are eye-rolls.

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Yes, baked potatoes. You would get a huge baked potato and there was a bar with bacon bits, sour cream, butter, chili, chives, melted cheese, etc. You could make a whole meal out of it. I think the appeal was one of those supposedly healthy things that really wasn’t, so people would feel virtuous eating a potato - ignoring all of the toppings. I think the restaurants liked them because the potatoes were dirt cheap and easy to prepare - we’d bake them in the morning and keep them warm in a drawer, so the counter people would hand them out and the grill guys were not involved in the transaction. During peak hours it was an efficient way to get food out to people without adding more work to the food prep. And the bar of fixings required minimal attention - stick all the stuff out during the transition from breakfast and have someone occasionally wipe it down.


I can’t believe Nova Scotia’s most annoying right wing twitter troll is on the front page of Boing Boing.