Scottish barmen replace kilts with trousers because patrons were grabbing their penises


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ring ding diddle dliddle add E O
ring ding diddily I Oh

lad I don’t know where you’ve been but I see you’ve won first prize


Their management’s reaction was a joke. But what are you gonna do? Actually demand your customers treat the staff with respect? Bar unruly customers from the premises? What about all the lost revenue!?


you could hear the swish of the dicks as the Scottish brigade marched by.


This is what I saw when I first clicked on the post link. The article doesn’t specifically mention backends, but reading them in this way would be in error.


I somehow find this not at all surprising; I was in Inverness in March and find it to be the Scottish equivalent of the deep south here in the States. In the same bar in the span of minutes I saw a woman doing coke, had a patron offer up that he was high on mushrooms (unbidden mind you) and discovered the vending machine in the men’s room offering inflatable sheep for only 5 Pounds. This was probably the most tame story I can relay from my experience in Inverness.


I find these problems are quickly resolved if I just follow the instructions and varnish the cache server. A good quality spar varnish works well, used with proper ventilation.


“Customers who commit felonious sexual assault will be politely asked to leave!”


Two things - first, the implication is that FROM NOW ON customers will be asked to leave… so they weren’t asked to leave before? Really? And second, the correct plural of penis is penes, just like crisis/crises. Nixon’s book wasn’t called Six Crisises, now was it?


No, but you have to admit it probably would have sold better if it’d been called Six Penises.


What, no 200-comment thread about rape culture including some casual victim-blaming? BB commenters, I am disappoint.


The environment here will, I’m afraid, continue to dissapoint you until it occasionally really disappoints you, but disappointingly, that only lasts for so long until the community gets to disappointing the disappointers.


I’ll give you that. Or Six Dicks, for that matter.


At first glance I saw “varnish the cache server” and thought huh… Kilts? New term for wanking? What?


nudge hey, uh, could you slip me the name of that pub? Ty!


That would have saved me a lot of time one Halloween many, many moons ago… Was going as a naughty farmboy and was looking for an inflatable sheep – must have called every porn shop (and some novelty shops) in the San Fernando Valley. After clarifying what I was looking for, (1 or 2 times per call) they would take on a new voice that was probably their “what sort of creep do I have on the line this time voice”.


I’ve had people perform “kilt checks” on me, but they’ve always asked first. (Usually they ask me, but depending on the situation they might ask my partner(s)). Then again, I don’t drink alcohol, so I’m usually not anywhere near drunken idiots.


So Scots can’t even wear kilts in Scotland because of neanderthal bar hoppers? I hate entitled, obnoxious asshats; they’re the reason we can’t have nice things.


Chafing … :frowning:


couldn’t they wear boxers under their kilts instead of switching from freeballing with kilts to trousers?
Seems to be some logical steps in the middle they kinda skipped over.