Man can't wear shorts to work on hot day, so he abides by women's dress code instead


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This guy is awesome!


Some schools have already ruled that there are two versions of the uniform (i.e. trousers and skirts) and any child can wear either.


Happens over more places. Go people!


This is the next worldwide rage :slight_smile:



This is great. There are no good reasons why most dress codes shouldn’t be gender-neutral.


I’m not holding the ladder for that guy.


If you can’t stand the heat, close your eyes.



Yeah I didn’t know holding a ladder entailed looking up skirts or kilts. Guess I’ve been doing it wrong :roll_eyes:


Yes to more kilts!


I mean, yeah, I think you have been.


And smart! Skirts/dresses are much cooler than shorts. You guys are really getting short changed in the summer with respect to clothing options.


Exactly. I would have gone for the kilt but whatev.


I have some skirts that I wear on hot days. Super comfy.


I either need to break down and buy a bigger utilikilt, or do a little more than regular long walks for exercise. After wearing one regularly for awhile I don’t quite get why pants are the default for men…


I’ve seen men wearing long skirts around Ann Arbor, and they weren’t even Goths! Mentally, I’m like “yeah, this guy figured it out - good for him!”


HR: Hey, get out of here with that dress.
Man: It’s because I’m a man in women’s clothing, isn’t it? I’m flaunting the dress code!
HR: Honey, that pink is so wrong for you. You’re obviously a Winter. Go home and get your navy shorts back on – they at least match your eyes.


I bought some summer skirts that were well in manly colors back in the 90’s for burning man and then I just kept wearing them when the situation calls for it. I never got into utilikilts since it feels like more of statement that I care to make. I just want the jewels air cooled.