Cryptomancer: RPG based on real crypto fundamentals

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Interesting idea, but sounds like something that works better in theory than in practice. What makes RPGs fun is that they abstract the complexities of real life so that you don’t have to worry about mundane things like paying your bills on time or remembering to lock your door (or secure your computer system).

Crypto is pretty much the definition of complexity. So, the game design will need to balance the complexity with playability. I hope it can work out, but I am skeptical.

Link is down, so I can’t learn more.


Oh the irony! You can only access Crypto RPG through an unsecured link.


DriveThruRPG (which has encryption for purchases) is where folks would buy it anyway.

I was given a copy of it by the author when we met at DEFCON. I haven’t been able to get my group to play yet but I am sure we will.

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