Invent privacy & security adventures with Cryptomancer & Mozilla

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A depressing forecast over the future of firefox…

I know there are many forks and will continue to be but still, the chrome monopoly is precisely the same reason why microsoft got hammered by the doj. It seems most utility software now comes bundled with that click-tracking data sump.

Thanks for the bump, Cory!

For those unfamiliar, Cryptomancer is a table-top RPG made by IRL security-heads. The two design goals were to 1) build a game that hackers would appreciate, and 2) introduce the concepts of networking, cryptography, opsec, and national security literacy to average gamers. This is not just another game with a super abstracted hacking system where players “roll a dice to hack the firewall.” Instead, when players aren’t doing traditional gamer stuff (e.g. killing orcs), they are using public/private key crypto to exchange keys across networks full of eavesdroppers, coordinating reflected denial of service attacks on enemy infrastructure, etc. Readers/players will walk away know exactly how these things work.


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