Crystal, an app that attempts to summarize your personality


I checked it out and the Rob Beschizzas on there are the ‘other ones’ that are on LinkedIn (I’m not) which makes me think that’s all this is really about.

I often find fortune cookies to be “eerily accurate” as well. I got one the other day that said I am a great man.

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Whatever happened to just asking someone their zodiac sign?

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The difference is that the results from this app seem to be a little too wordy to work with the “add ‘in bed’ to the end of it” rule.


In one US cohousing community, members post their Meyers-Briggs profiles as a guide to how to effectively communicate with one another; this definitely has echoes of that.

I’m with you on the “confirmation bias” theory. I refuse to be put in a box! I guess that makes me a Transmodernist Cultural Creative. No, wait…

Jeez, can’t we just use phrenology? Someone could whip up an app that extrapolates based on online profile picts. It couldn’t be any worse…

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