Crystal meth found in pawned Sega Genesis


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I don’t think that’s how hardware acceleration works…But nice try.


Jack Thompson was right! Video games are addictive!


What’s the chance he pawned the Sega to get cash to buy some more meth because he couldn’t remember he hid it in the Sega?


Silly guy. It should have been cocaine. Isn’t that what people mean by “blow in cartridge”?


sonic was a tweaker


Best episode of Pawn Stars ever.


Reminds me of when I was 16 and got caught with marijuana by a deputy. When I got home I wrapped the bag in a page of a 10 year old newspaper and stashed it inside a stereo speaker in case the deputy told my parents. I planned to tell them it must have been put there 10 years ago by one of my uncles if they found it.

Ironically this guy was probably pawning his Sega so he could get meth.


A lot of what ends up pawned is stolen. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?


Pretty sure that’s a MegaDrive :wink:


Pretty sure this was the video game currently in the Sega:




What is the trade-in on a Genesis? I was offered only $35 for my 360 with a 250GB HDD. I suspect the meth was worth more than the console.


“Fuck the Neo-Geo”!?!?!?!

Scrooby is dead to me.


The Genesis is reported to have worked but the screen was all jittery ?


Ah, came here to say that :smile:


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