Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 breaks videogame auction record at $1.5 million, Luigi very proud

Originally published at: Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 breaks videogame auction record at $1.5 million, Luigi very proud | Boing Boing

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Remember the hubbub

I do try to Remember the hubbub, I really do.

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By the time the N64 came out, retro gaming was already a thing, so it’s hard to believe sealed copies of this game are that rare. I wonder if this will summon dozens of others out of the woodwork and knock a zero or two off the market value.


Wow… this makes me feel like I am under performing if so many of my generation can afford $$$$ video games. :confused:

Also, just a little surprised there isn’t more sealed dead stock that ended up in collectors hands. Even rocket firing Boba Fetts haven’t gone that high in price, and there are only a handful of legit ones out there. (I bought the $10 knock off about 10 years ago.)

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I once owned a sealed copy of Mario 64. So I once owned something that would one day be worth $1.5m. So clearly I know how to choose excellent investments. So maybe I should go work for Wall Street?

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i guess that depends on what you wound up doing with that sealed copy. if you cracked it open and started playing, then no. if you tossed it, lost it or donated it, then also no.

Yeah, I could swear I’ve seen boxed brand new Mario 64 games for sale in retro gaming stores for only a couple hundred bucks at most. Is it the “sealed” part that makes a difference? Are they paying 1.5 million for a layer of shrink wrap?

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You think anyone would buy my sealed copy of Total Annihilation, Commander’s Pack from way back when? :slight_smile:

Video game grading company.

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I cracked mine open, but saved it.

A couple of years ago GirlChild “inherited” my old game systems for a little video game nook, and got introduced to Mario (though I think she liked the Kirby game better).

It makes as much sense as most auctions, perhaps it’s just a bit more obvious that the high price serves everyone involved.
The seller gets more money (obviously), the auctioneers get more money, the valuation company gets more money, and the buyer gets to say that their box is worth $1.5M, which will come in handy when they try to sell it.
Plus, once a copy of Mario 64 has been deemed to be ‘worth’ $1.5M, that will lift the prices of all collections, and I’ll bet that both buyer and seller have other games that are suddenly valued higher than they were last week.

Or there’s always piracy:

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Same here! I won from a box of Cheerios. The guy at the gaming store only offered me $20 for it, so like a fool I just gave it away to a friend. Who knew I gave him a $1.5 million gift :man_shrugging:

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