Crystalline furniture forms



Define a set of criteria for “furnitureness” - the properties of a table (where there has to be a flat top, where the free space has to be underneath…), a chair (conforming to the human body shape…), etc…; start from here as the biggest and often neglected paradigm of design should be “functionality first”.

Define crystal growth algorithms, including some way to introduce constraints (e.g. “do not grow into this volume”, "stop at this plane, preferably at a given crystal orientation, e.g. [0,0,0], so it does not look like just a mechanically cut-off crystal…). Then run some sort of genetic-algorithm iterative mutation-selection simulation.

Voila, really crystalline-looking shapes with functionality preserved. And the software can directly output files for printing or cutting or machining.


Hmmm, the chair the woman is sitting on looks rather uncomfortable.

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Furniture will collect dust, be impossible to dust thoroughly, and will wound you if you stumble against it. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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Spock’s ass would be shouting “Pain! Pain!”

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Lindenmayer systems bred by genetic algorithm, winnowed out by a fitness function measuring “furnitureness”?


YESSSS!!! Exactly that!

Those are all characteristics of furniture full stop though.

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So the ability to efficiently gather dust and the wounding potential at mean stumble height should be incorporated to the furnitureness fitness function… Note taken.

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