Cthulhu in a teacup

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With all the bad news and livid examples of humans being complete cunts these days. I can always rely on BB.com to provide the finest level of all things elder gods. Thanks!


Just saw a functional one the other day…
Cthulhu - 15oz.

Via:Cute N Creepy (Spider Cup Skull Cup Cthulhu Cup Shark Cup…)

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This is why it’s a good idea to verify that any dishes you are planning to eat or drink from are topologically sound and don’t show any signs of abberant or impossible behavior.

Cups that merely show signs of holding different volumes of liquid depending on the celestial alignments are usually not too risky, and can be considered in emergencies. Cups that are found to contain more than you filled them with, though, should absolutely never be used.


Is there one of those tea infuser things in the shape of an aberant creature from beyond time and space yet? And if not, why not?


Cthulhu? That’s not Cthulhu, that’s just an octopus, many of which are harmless. The ones that live in coffee, not so much.

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“Just an octopus” or “Cthulhu larva”? Dealing with squamous tentacled entities is like eating wild mushrooms. Without expertise in species identification, tragedy can and does occur.


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