Ornate Cthulhu stein

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I went to school with a Nate Cthulhustein. Good guy.


Eldritch U?


I would be afraid to drink from it!

"And then, as the midnight hour approached, the stein grew ever more turgid and loathsome, its pallid contours delineated by febrile moonlight and electrophoresis, a squamous non-Euclidean geometry of horror so dark, so deep, so awful, the fetor of its hoppy contents lay coiled as of some necrolized herpetic creature of the beyond, avidly thrusting its ghastly snout into our virginal spacetime, ever seeking more malted beverages from which to slake unmentionably infinite thirsts of a horrible un-nature. “Last call!” said the bartender (whose hideous form did belie an insane mutation from primate stock, now the spawn-slave of some ancient primal evil).


Bravo. I thought to gin up something in that spirt, but I shan’t even pretend I could equal it.

I wonder if you could drink a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster from it.

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At the Mountains of Madness is still his best story (ymmv)

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Is a drunk Cthulhu better or worse news than a sober one?


At the mountains of Maßkruge?

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Who do you think wrote the DMCA?


I would fill this with that weird purple milk stuff that the Dude is drinking at the start of The Big Lebowski.

Half and Half? Is weird and purple?

Or Monkey Island’s corrosive grog. Great Old Ones vs Pirates.

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Maybe it’s the strip lighting in the store but it looks kinda purple in his beard.

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I take your point.

Lol or it could be the carton I guess… always struck me as some kind of berry milk or somesuch. Yous have that over the pond right?

I’ve seen strawberry milk and root beer milk around here. Other than strawberry I’m not aware of other berry flavors in milk.

It’s half and half which is required to make the Dude’s Caucasians.

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