Cubli: motorized reaction-wheel cube that can balance and walk on its edges and corners



But can it navigate stairs? Extirminate

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They just need to make room in the frame for a few propellers – octo-copter?

Miniaturize it and make blue tooth controllable loaded dice…


Make it look like the Hellraiser cube and have it “walk” toward someone, or even as a prop in one of the movies, I think that wouls be quite effective.

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I can’t help but think that without some rubber bumpers on the corners, it’s going to put some serious gouges in your table.

So they can make this and a hundred other amazing things, but they still cant make an a renewable energy device that doesn’t belch out toxic filth!!! Crazy world!

Controls problems may be intricate but they’re still easier than bending the laws of thermodynamics.


Math pedantry: If it were 15 cm^3, it would be about one inch on a side. This is a cube 15cm on a side, or about 1875 cm^3.

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I was about to say the same thing.
15^3 cm 15cm^3 reads as “fifteen cubic centimeters”,
whereas he could have said “a 15 centimeter cube”, which would have been annoying to us math pedants, but not confusing.

Edited for dyslexia

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Nice Borg Egg.


Nano-size this, network it, and you do indeed have the Terminator self assembling robot. Batteries will be the Achilles heel, but wait until the Terminator is replaced by the fusion-powered evil Energizer bunny.

Thank you, I came here to be an annoying pedant too.

Also further down, they say"15 x 15 x 15 cm," which is a length, not a volume.

Nice catch there :laughing:

Er, actually “15^3 cm” reads as “(15 cubed) centimeters” = 15 × 15 × 15 centimeters = 3.375 meters.

So, to recap, 15^3 cm ≠ 15 cm^3 ≠ (15 cm)^3

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That is frikin awesome. As a kid the Gyro Toy was my favourite, That cube is an amazing expansive use of centrifugal force.

It looks like no one has yet welcomed our new cubic overloards.


Kickstarter? I’m in for at least $100. One of these would be awesome to play with.

Yup, a real T1000! A very, very slow, cumbersome, awkwardly moving, T1000.

I think I’d be more afraid of a giant version that would just crush me under one of it’s 6 sides of doom.

More like a T 1.1 It’ll be a few updates before we get anywhere near the T1000 level of quality.