Cultural appropriation? Hindu nationalists used yoga as an anti-colonialist export


I saw that thug kitchen thing, and I agreed with it!
But only because the creators hid that they were white for so long!
They knew the image they were creating was at odd with their actual heritage, so to me, that one rings true!

And meanwhile in Canada, this made the news yesterday…


Couldn’t agree more.


And you’re welcome to them (me being the very definition of a gentleman - someone who can play the bagpipes… and doesn’t). Are you sure I can’t interest you in some neeps and tatties for the way home?


You don’t like potatoes?


Ok, seriously, there is some DRAMA around the whole neep/swede/rutabaga/turnip thing!

(This is almost as good as the whole mango/green-pepper thing in Ohio!)


Thug is, not unlike Yoga, an Indian term. which itself was appropriated by British colonialism, and subsequently by African-American culture. It seems weird to protect its appropriation by a later group, but to deny it to an earlier one.

Hegemony, (how) does it work?

Ah, but you see, here a little cultural appropriation from the Scots simplifies things immensely: tatties are tatties, neeps are neeps, it’s a dreich day in November, and the only drama that’s occurring is while hiding the body of the deej next door who decided to practise his pipes at the crack of dawn.


Mangos are (as any fule kno) mangelwurzels.


[ETA] Not ALL middle class liberal academics!


I love potatoes… which is why I must avoid them. It’s an abusive relationship!

They’re easier to turn down when they’ve been adulterated with turnips, though. :slight_smile:



Definitely not! I purposely chose academia over academics.


Fair enough… but that’s because all institutions and bureaucracies have a tendency to turn out that way.


I literally could not agree more. You’ve succinctly and eloquently expressed my own thoughts.


Adultery, turnips, hmm…


Hegemony, how does it work??

Hegemony, (how) does it work?

I would argue that it doesn’t work, really!

One of my most basic critical thinking exercises is that if something seems “true”, but somehow only for a certain group of people, that there is almost certainly a BS factor involved.


That’s pretty much an argument that hegemony does work, actually. If the BS works.


Only if/when people accept the BS instead of being critical of it. Some do, some don’t. People who rely upon BS are merely those who have failed to present a persuasive argument, so it would be folly to indulge them.


Speaking of people whom I’d temporarily forgotten it would be folly to indulge…