Dickhead's anti-yoga-pants letter to the editor sparks yoga-pants-parade

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$10 says this guy wears a speedo to the pool and no longer has “nature’s blessing of youth”…


Mr. Alan Sorrentino, Mongoloid, Esq.:

We have received via post your absurd comments about our yoga pants, the comments revealing, as they did, your total lack of contact with reality. Were you more aware, you would know or realize by now that the offending pants were dispatched to you with our full knowledge that they were inadequate so far as length was concerned.

“Why? Why?” you are in your incomprehensible babble, unable to assimilate stimulating concepts of commerce into your retarded and blighted worldview.

The yoga pants were sent to you (1) as a means of testing your initiative (A clever, wide-awake business concern should be able to make yoga pants a by-word of feminine fashion. Your advertising and merchandising programs are obviously faulty.) and (2) as a means of testing your ability to meet the standards requisite in a distributor of our quality product. (Our loyal and dependable outlets can vend any yoga pant bearing the Levy label no matter how abominable their design and construction. You are apparently a faithless people.)

We do not wish to be bothered in the future by such tedious complaints. Please confine your correspondence to orders only. We are a busy and dynamic organization whose mission needless effrontery and harassment can only hinder. If you molest us again, sir, you may feel the sting of the lash across your pitiful shoulders.

Yours in anger,

Gus Levy, Pres.


So basically, you old ladies get off my lawn?

Also, do I see a reference to One Punch Man?


“They do nothing to compliment a women over 20 years old”

I read this as “I secretly find adult women disgusting”.


Sure it wasn’t Trump?


No, no, you see it wrong. He really likes to look at them, even so much that he want to tell them what to wear to please his eyes. \s


As dickish as this guy’s missive is, ironical or not, it’s undeniable that there’s been a marked uptick in selfishness vis-a-vis personal hygiene and presentation in public. One’s own comfort takes precedence over consideration for everyone around you, so it’s totally cool to wear sweatpants and flip-flops on a transoceanic flight so the people inescapably crammed in next to you get to smell your taint sweat and look at your toenail fungus for sixteen hours. As long as you’re comfortable, that’s the most important thing of all!

Now, this guy’s cutoff of 20 years old is ridiculous, and he does sound like a full-tilt asshole. I know sixty-year-olds who look great in yoga pants. But he’s accidentally touching on a prevailing “I don’t give a shit about anyone else, I’ll do whatever I want” antisocial (in the UK sense) attitude. Some of my cohort would probably blame it on Millennials, but it strikes me as more Trumpesque.


Where I come from, it entirely stems from “I’m a free american with liberty. Mind your own fucking business, if you don’t like what you see, then why are you staring so hard?”

Although I can definitely get onboard with regard to stank. Stank imposes itself whether you resist or not. You can choose to look away if you want, but choosing not to smell just means tasting it instead.


That’s why I used the example of airline seats. I’ll rolleyes at people walking down the street in comically inadequate footwear but ultimately I don’t really care if they get broken glass and dogshit between their toes, hopefully in that order. I don’t care if you don’t want to shower more than once a month, unless you’re sitting next to me. At that point I’m a stakeholder in your personal hygiene and I have some say in the matter.


I agree. It just rubs me the wrong way like Elvira at the petting zoo when entitled jackasses get the idea that someone not looking attractive is somehow a burden on themselves.

Like P!nk said:


Entertainment industry personalities seem like they are in a poor position to advance that claim terribly plausibly. There is a distinction between “here for your entertainment” and “here to get paid for being here for your entertainment”; but it’s a fine one in practice.


“When I saw this about yoga pants, it was like a punch in the gut,” says Jamie.

Yes, people can be so cruel. Someone once criticized my knee-high black socks with shorts, and I have never quite gotten over it. Sadly, I didn’t think to put together a parade at the time.



Yoga pants have nothing to do with hygiene.


Women can say what they like about their objectifictation in our society. Being an entertainer doesn’t negate one’s gender or the fact of sexism.


And these women assumed the character of an offended public defiantly protesting the stupid comments of a creepy old man. So message received!


Yoga pants have nothing to do with hygiene.

More like “bye, jeans!”

Eh? Eh?


I guess.


Ah the classic “I meant for you to respond that way, you totally fell for my trap” response!
Its been such a long time! I haven’t seen that canard since LiveJournal!