Hey man, do you like Yoga?

These Boing Boing yoga outlet ads are a bit… disconcerting.

I am not sure what the intended audience is here, but it feels a bit… uhh… “let’s look at lady body parts” more than “let’s look at products to potentially purchase”.

I vote against this particular advertiser, for what it’s worth.


Yoga pants are the new stockings as far as the fetishist are concerned.

These seem impractical for actual yoga, not sexy enough for lingerie, not comfy enough for loungewear.


Ugh. And presented in the above context, those pictures of torsos and limbs are even more dehumanizing than usual.


Well I don’t think I’d wear any of those to yoga class


The yoga that I do is very old school, and I learned it without any special clothes or accessories. But I did get into athletic clothes via cycling, because it is hard to comfortably bike 100 miles in just any pants. So I appreciate clothes like these, finding them comfortable and practical. Although I know that some find them aesthetically unappealing.

I am lounging in just leggings and a sweater right now, and I don’t doubt that some would mock that. There is an entire online “leggings/tights are not pants” movement and many just seem to dislike athletic and yoga clothes for a variety of reasons.

My main gripe about spandex tends to be how hard it is to find really colorful paisleys.


This post got me looking up info about yogaoutlet.com, and I found a site which has odd references to it in duckduckgo summaries: miniyogaclub.us, which redirects to some DVD sales.

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So apparently some marketbots know that yoga is trendy in certain demographics and spew random stuff about it. Mmm - yoga in dentistry with leg warmers and a laptop, what’s not to like?


I initially misread that as: …nothing but leg warmers and a sweater… :blush:


Not in Connecticut, in January! That would be a bit too cool for this place.

Actually, it is surprisingly (IMO) hard for me to find decent leg warmers that fit. Yoga pants and the like stretch, but many leg warmers are just acrylic with no stretch, for dancers with legs like toothpicks. Between cycling and tae kwon do my legs are often just too big. Some bigger warmers fit up to the knee, but I don’t have any which fit me over the knee.

A quick search just turned up some leg warmer garters / suspenders. Not sure if they are practical for non-sexy time activities though.

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A lot of women’s clothing advertisement is geared toward the male gaze. It’s incredibly obnoxious. I don’t want to be reminded of foot fetishists when I’m shopping for socks.

We might just be seeing the effect of advertisers realizing it’s not only men who go to BoingBoing.

I got tired of having my ads and recommendations on every other site dominated by stereotypical guy stuff from BoingBoing being the main website I browse from outside of incognito mode so I switched to using BoingBoing in a different web browser.

I finally got Youtube in my BoingBoing dedicated browser to suggest awesome music after BoingBoing videos instead of annoying political crap. :laughing:

(None of this is BoingBoing’s fault. It’s just one of the irritating problems with marketing + misogynistic culture. I found out on accident one of the quickest ways to get rid of irritating ad campaigns that follow you around is to go search anything you’d rather see instead … on overstock.com. I don’t know what kind of deal they have with the ad networks but it must be a doozy.)


fascinating and believable.


I prefer to wear clothes that are as normal as possible when exercising. I’m not too big on moisture wicking this, compression that. I will go for 20-mile runs in basketball shorts, sneakers, and an ordinary t-shirt that probably has a beer logo on it, but I realize that whatever clothes I’m wearing will be completely drenched in sweat at the end of it. I have workout clothes that are separate from my regular clothes, but at least my sweaty rags are cheap sweaty rags and not overpriced sweaty rags.

Those camel toe shorts in the top left do not look remotely comfortable for anything, though.

For a “hot” yoga class? :wink:

I usually wear old, ratty yoga pants and an old shirt when I go to a yoga class. So, not really practical for yoga.


So, why do you think that there is so much controversy about athletic/athleisure clothes? It seems to be a raw nerve with some people, but most of what I get is just vague reactionary complaining that “they are not appropriate” or “I don’t want to see them”. I can appreciate that some people think that they look ugly, but lots of clothes are unpopular without discussions of banning them - such as corduroy suits, crocs, Hawaiian shirts, etc. It seems like obvious advice that if you find a person’s clothing distasteful, simply don’t look at it, and the problem is solved. I get very skeptical when people go into “fashion police” mode.

I am a complete sucker for these sorts of clothes, so I don’t relate. But even clothes I don’t like I tend to not be so bothered as to complain or campaign against them.

Guys - I figured out the word jumble!

What’s it say?

Zyklon B. {hisssssss}

Gotta wear that yogawear, cus it shows off how skinneh you are when you’re starving to death.

If anybody wants to score some cheap yoga pants (except for you, @codinghorror, you’re cut off) you might find them for a while at American Apparel stores if there is one near you. The company is going out of business and keeping the stores open for a couple of months in hopes of liquidating as much clothing as possible. If there is an AA near you, what they have should be priced 40% off, often combined with other discounts. I just bought about $140 of tights for $11, and would have def bought more clothes there if I had more cash on me.

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This is the great illusion. Popobawa isn’t 4u, popobawa is 4himself. 24/7/365.


How, precisely? And what does that have to do with anything? Has the BBS turned into Kafkatrapping Digest over the past year, or is that only when I am here?

We are, for all practical purposes, basically (99.9999%) the same person.

Why didn’t you explain the pointlessness and futility of ownership and cash to them and just walked out with a couple armfuls of pants?


Since they are all going to be out of a job in a few weeks, and don’t want to be - me lecturing them about futility would have probably triggered their defensiveness. They are already getting as close to giving away the merchandise as a store can get, short of making people take it.

FWIW I think that the ideal of ownership is futile, because it only is an ideal with no actuality.