R2-D2 yoga pants


Those are the droids I’m looking for…


i have a question about yoga pants.

aren’t they just spandex tights?

and some marketing genius renamed them in order to boost sales and capitalize on the current yoga trend?

or do they have some extra mojo to get your chakras aligned?

They flare out at the c/ankle if they are indeed yogurt pantses.

Starwars fabrics seem to appeal to Cory in a manner non-commensurate with their actual aesthetic appeal, I’m still re-hydrating from all the vomiting I did from his R2D2 skirt post several months back.
Cory, 'djever read William Gibson’s “Spook Nation”? Of course you did.
The protagonist has a visceral reaction to Bibendum (the Goodyear maggot dude) that almost matches mine to your terrible sartorial posts.


Most yoga pants I’ve seen tend to be a bit loser and although they have some amount of spandex, they also have a high percentage of cotton, too. Edited to add: And they do indeed flare… although why that deserves a “c/ankles” is beyond me… :frowning:

OK, so they are something new then i guess. i guess on reflection a pure spandex tight would look more like it came from “Xanadu” than these pants.

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These were probably due to a miscommunication. The marketers originally probably said something like “the Star Wars geeks want yoda pants.”


Ahhh… Xanadu…


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