Curious penguin jumps on boat for a visit and quick video shoot

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“Hey, I can’t fly so I’m working on a way outta here”


The vid from the other boat could be called “Washington, in his tux, crossing the Delaware”.

The little bird looks so regal.


I went on a scuba diving trip to the Galapagos. We were on a boat for the week out at some of the remote islands (Wolf, Darwin). Birds (juvenile red footed boobies) would sit on the top of the boat on the sun decks, like dozens of them. They had no fear of people, so you would sit down someplace and have a bird within one foot on either side of you. I wouldn’t be surprised if Antarctic penguins were similarly not afraid of people.

Also, moray eels weren’t afraid of divers, and it was common to have multiple eels within a few feet of you as you were clinging to the rocks, watching the sharks go by.


Linux is everywhere!


I believe Shackleton mentions this in his diary of the expedition, which was unfortunate for the friendly :penguin::penguin::penguin:

I found this piece in The Atlantic


This makes me wonder if we should build replica “ice sheets” strategically placed throughout Arctic areas to assist wildlife (walrii, seals, polar bears, etc.) with resting spaces and the ice equivalent of oases in the growing absence of real ice.

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