Lessons on enduring a lonely winter from Antarctic voyagers

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/01/08/lessons-on-enduring-a-lonely-winter-from-antarctic-voyagers.html

Just the other day something was nagging at me, then I realized “is stuck inside for almost two years like what Shackleton and his men felt like stuck on the ice”?

I am better off, it’s not cold inside, but littlechanges from day to day, and not much hope.

But I did enjoy the book I read about Shackleton’s trouble, and also Byrd’s “Alone” about wintering by himself.

Kenneth Branagh was in a tv mini-series, “Shackleton” from 2002, about being stuck in the ice.

In the next shot the penguin has its wings over its ears.


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