Curse dooms Sausalito movie theater

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Gotta have something to do on those Sausalito Summer Nights.

A lot of small towns have their old small downtown theaters bought and turned over to non-profits that show second run movies and various community concerts and theater. Not sure how viable that would be if the building has an owner that wants rent.

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I blame it on their diet.

Never heard “anchor-out” before. Learned something new today!


My favorite bar is the spot where anchor-outs and hill people mix. Welcome to Sausalito.

The Hill people are the well todo.


It’s a bit weird to consider houseboat dwellers an underclass as “anchor-outs” seem to be. Granted, given the astronomical real-estate costs in the area, they may technically be, but I know houseboat dwellers elsewhere and know that owning a boat as well as maintaining it at least to the degree where they don’t sink is not a trivial investment.


I want to know why he got kicked out and banned from the theater.

My baseless assumption is he was whacking off.

Not all house boat owners are anchor outs. Anchor out usual denotes someone not in a paid mooring or slip.


My assumption is he was thrown out for cursing. Which brings up interesting questions of recursiveness.


I have to say I’m impressed - it’s not easy to get kicked out of a movie theater. I’ve never achieved it, myself. Maybe he was just explaining the movie to the people around him, and somebody started a fight?

Now that’s a curse!

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And a royal one, at that.

When I visited Sausalito the first time I saw the boats at anchor in
Richardson Bay. They looked very colourful, some very old and dirty,
without a mast or an engine. I was wondering who might live there and
found out that there is a lot of roumor going on and missunderstandigs
between the inhabitants of Sausalito and the community at anchor.
Because no one really knows who lives out there in the bay.

photographer’s statement

It doesn’t stick if no royalty is involved.

But royalty uttered it, supposedly. A royal character, as it were.

Ah and now it is clear. I had completely missed that.

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I was at that meeting! You can view the footage here (it’s the City Council meeting on 1/12). Peter (known locally as Peter the Preacher)'s remarks start at around 10:20, and he gets to the theater at around 13:00.

If you ever find yourself in Sausalito, the City Council meetings are the best free show in town. The seals are also nice to watch.


As a current resident of Sausalito, I’m happy to report that this ambition was not realized.


If you (or anyone else reading this) are local, those photos will be on display in the Sausaltio Public Library in February. There’s a reception February 7th, and the photographer will be there (and a lot of her subjects as well, I’m sure).

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