Custom Jackhammer Jill skateboard by Andreas Ekberg



y’oughta throw some trucks on it and drain that pool, Mark : )


This post just made me realize when I glanced at the top of the page that Jackhammer Jill, is, you know, gone.
So, they’ve killed Jill, booted the link to comments to the bottom in favour of stumbleupon, and destroyed the archived comments from the old systems (sure leave them dead and not possible to add to, but there were good conversations that didn’t deserve to just be deleted). Any other design “improvements” coming to the page that are actually just flat-out negatives?

Not quite completely. Just not out front anymore.

wow! that is amazing. the rounded edges are beautiful! a board like that would be well served with some little doodies!

some of the skateboard designs would be ideal to adding frets. I’m no skater so don’t know if raised frets would be a dis- or advantage, but even as leveled marks like in some fretless guitars or basses would look nice.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark will put strings on it : )
Been thinking about adding strings and mics to a board but that is a new area for me so I have to experiment with it.

I am very happy with the board and how the boingboing pattern is wrapping around the edge.

: ) byAndreas


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