Cut the cord and get free local TV with these HD antennas

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There is no such thing a “digital” or “HD” antenna If you live far away from the TV tower you will need the biggest and highest antenna and maybe a booster amp to get a good signal. Remember these signals are now digital and can be blocked by rain and trees. That said you can pull in a lot of channels, just be prepared for a lot of foreign language, reruns, and lod movies along with the normal network channels. Not much sports, no Game of Thrones etc. But at least you don’t have to pay $15 to Comcast for HDTV, or another $10 because you want your local channels


Yeah, my town’s too far from any network-affiliate broadcast towers to pull in any kind of signal. Probably works great if you’re close enough.


We still get a impressive amount of HDTV OTA stations.
With a 1970’s era “Channel Master” antenna on a mast.
The major channels pull in just fine. But ocassionally the CBS station and sidebands will pixel out in the summertime and rainstorms.

Still…No Way I’m going back to 70 bucks a month for Spectrum/Charter.
It’s bad enough paying them for their monopoly on internet services here.

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I had problems pulling in channel 26 in Houston and NFL just signed with Fox. A booster amp fixed that, but it also made the antenna more directional, so I lost College Station.

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