Cute rambling story about a blind date in the influencer age

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… there are people in the world who are just thirsty for attention.

Not wrong there.

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“16” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: The comic timing with that reveal really made me giggle.


People asking to take a selfie in the bathroom…the look on his face with the slow turn was priceless. :rofl:


Swoozie is great, very funny guy and love his stories :smiley: Been a while since i’ve seen his content and it’s really cool to see his animation game be even smoother and sharper than ever.

Not to yuck your yum:

I’d never heard of him until this post.

Started to watch…

Then I got underwhelmed & bailed before the end.

The animation skills are okay, but the humor missed me.

(Fuck; I think I may officially be old.)


He has a particular style for sure, became known partly because of his amusing stories as a former Disney employee. If he’s not your jam that’s cool, i mean i don’t watch his stuff a lot… more like once in a blue moon when something of his ends up in front of me but i don’t actively watch him.

Ah yes. Cat: it’s what’s for dinner.

Swoozie’s Disney recollections are fantastic. One of them:

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