Real Stuff: New Age Date


At the rainbow-splashing scene, I was waiting for him to wake up from the hypnosis covered in her menstrual blood.



The pursuit of big P leads men to the most mysterious destinations.

Mysterious destinations are the only thing I miss about being single.

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Me also.

BTW, is that purple color Pantone Violet C, which has generated so much snark for Marissa Mayer and Yahoo recently?

Worst Penthouse Forum letter ever.


I’ve had a couple of those astral experiences with New Age gals, and it’s weird and intimate but certainly less awkward than casual sex. I’m not sure it actually has any more spiritual significance than playing with the Ouija board at a slumber party, but probably more than casual sex.


Just based on recent comics, yeah, I thought menses would play a major role. In this case the point was that he wasn’t going to have sex and she was telling him up front.

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The next time I need a fictional drug for a story, I’m calling it Violet C.


‘disapointment’? crikey, i should read less comics.

and the whole story should be a allegory for how aweful Yahoo is set in a truley generic cyberpunk distopia.!!! write it!! sell it to meee!!

They already are, and we already do.

Hard to imagine that happening in Queen Anne! Maybe it was different in the early 90s!
I saw Bridgette Fonda at a QA Cafe Ladro one morning; I just stared at her from three feet away.
I was a big fan… still am.

I’d rather read the comic that those three other guys wrote.

I assumed the rainbow scene was a fancy way of saying they had sex.

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Look, the most glorious rainbow ever!

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Taste the rainbow!

Was it a Double Rainbow? (Either the YouTube Video kind or the ice cream joint would do fine…)

Just judging by the previous comics, I don’t know how well this Eischorn guy does “fancy ways of saying.”

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