Real Stuff: Bachelor Party


I think the art is getting better with each strip!

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Did Dennis ever used to work for the Rocket?

I still don’t get why people spend time getting good at drawing like they’re very, very bad at drawing.


Ask Picasso.


“Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me…”


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I like Carel Moiseiwitsch’s work in small doses–this length of strip is ideal. I think that if I had to read a whole graphic novel’s worth, it would just drive me up the wall.

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You would want to read it slowly, savoring each and every frame.

I do too. The story is horrible, and her art reflects that. I also like how the cars look like they’re alive.

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I thought he had the best sex of his life fucking the lesbian after the fight at the gay bar? I guess a really great mons can change a guys mind.


So … why get married then?

I feel like the only one who likes the drawing better than the story. The writing is… meh. But pairing that face with “She looked like a Goddess” is brilliant and hilarious.

Well, there are different goddesses…

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Cool story, bro.


Judging by the other stories of his I’ve read, I’m going to guess, at least according to him, he got married “because she was a super hot supermodel who could have had any guy but she became totally obsessed with me even though I only sort of liked her… but she was awesome in the sack and liked being humiliated in bed and was rich too so why not btw this is totally a true story guys aren’t I awesome?”


Okay, seriously, why is BoingBoing still running this loser’s wank fantasies? Can we get back to obsessing about the Haunted Mansion and let Eichmann find somewhere else to fantasize about beating up fags?

Even the Die Antwoord posts make some vague kind of sense in comparison. And that’s saying something.

Flashbacks to every drunken reminiscing dude-bro story I’ve ever heard… It’s like ‘holy shit, did Delano write this stuff?’

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