Real Stuff: "Them Changes"



I thought this comic was gone for good. Maybe this is some sort of alternate-universe reboot in which the violence in the other strips never happened?

(We never did get to see the conclusion to the “cliffhanger” of “Three in a Bed”. Just sayin’.)


was that guy Jesus??


Yay! More Eichorn! Keep 'em coming!!


I agree, I love these. I wish they didn’t stir up so much controversy, I keep thinking that BB will stop running them…

An old friend told me about an acquaintance of his in New Orleans. Apparently, this person would pick up gay men, drive them out into the middle of nowhere, and then beat them up–naturally, this person had plenty of issues to work through, sexuality being at, or near, the top of the list.
One night, the guy goes out intending to do his gay bashing thing, picks up a guy and drives him out into the country. He stops the car and punches the gay man, intending to begin the beating. The gay man backed up against the car door and told this guy, “There’s two things I’m good at. One is sucking dick. The other is fighting,” and he then went on to thrash Mr. Gay Basher.
One of the many lessons in life that I’ve learned is that the moment you think you’re bigger and badder than anyone around is exactly the point at which that person will show up and stomp you into the dust. It’s nice that Eichorn finally woke up to that problem in his life and changed his behavior to suit.


Better late than never, I guess.

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OH - he’s into LSD. Now I know why he’s on BB.


gay jesus

That was one cool dude…

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I too thought this strip had ended… I love it. I often look to see if there’s a new one posted… Best comic here. PLEASE keep em coming. Great stuff.


As a long-time Real Stuff fan, I’ve been waiting for this one to show up. A lot of people have been down on RS reprints here in the past because of Eichhorn taking a “warts and all” approach to his autobiographical strips, and I kept thinking, “If only they could see the one that Seth drew…”


Story request: the multipart story wherein young Eichhorn rides his bike into barbed wire, and then revisits the tormentors of his youth. Don’t forget to pack your parachute!

I don’t get how real stuff[quote=“Built2Spill, post:5, topic:25895”]

They do? Why?

Well, the one where he and his girlfriend go to a gay bar and beat up some mean ol’ queers wasn’t real popular. But we’ve gone round and round on this about a million times already; if you’re actually interested, you’re probably better off reading the discussions on the Real Stuff tag.

(Speaking of which, editors, this one is tagged “reals” instead of “realstuff”.)

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What?? I don’t remember that one, huh.

Here you go. Kind of a shame, I really liked the art in that one. I’ve never understood artists like this one who clearly spent a lot of real time and effort learning to draw like someone who can’t draw for shit. Reminds me of all the jokes about college roommates who spend two hours teasing and primping to make their hair look like they just got out of bed.

To each his own, I guess. I really, really like the art in that one. Reminds me a lot of Ralph Steadman. It’s a little more difficult I guess (and that’s not my attempt at elitism, I promise), so I can see why it might be distracting from the story, but when I look at it as art I think each panel is great.

When I read that, I almost immediately thought of Carel Moiseiwitsch. Real Stuff tends to draw its artists from numerous people who have worked with Fantagraphics, which includes some of the more out-there underground artists of the sort who got exposure through R. Crumb’s Weirdo in the eighties. (Harvey Pekar also drew from this pool for many of his American Splendor chapters.) Some of the artists are definitely an acquired taste, and others, like Moiseiwitsch, are more or less unacquirable, but they’re at least a switch from traditional bland superhero-style cartoonists. (Ironically, the much-loathed Rob Liefeld exaggerates his figures to such a grotesque degree that he could have been one such underground cartoonist if he hadn’t been hired by Marvel.)

This is some serious Billy Jack 1970s hippie stuff.