Real Stuff: Soap Opera

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I guess he got to have his cake and eat it too?

I mean, what is that, some kind of hate fuck?


“I just don’t understand human behavior.”

I must admit to having been fairly confused about the precise objective and/or lesson there as well.

I don’t think the “real stuff” series is meant to have morals or object lessons.

Except perhaps that in his retellings, people around Eichhorn will either start a fight with him and lose, or make like rabbits. Which is not the most broadly applicable of life lessons

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I think that the idea here was that it was a subversion of the prolonged and heightened drama of the typical soap opera: the fliration, the seduction, the affair, the conflict when the husband finds out. Instead, Eichhorn is like, “OK, you wanna fuck? Then we’ll fuck, and after that, I’m gone, because I don’t wanna be around when your husband finds out about us.”

The author identifies with Roy, the workingman husband of Lisa, who mocks Roy when he’s not around. Lisa comes on to our hero, imagining she’s acting out a soap opera. He gives her a decidedly un-soap-opera experience and leaves. Not complicated.

Thus ‘helping’ Roy with his relationship.

Prolonged? Every soap opera that I’ve seen has 40 year-old characters with great-great-grandchildren.

“Sure I’ll fuck ya – but because I’m a good guy, I’m gonna make sure you feel bad about it…”



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